TONOVET Plus -Tonometer

Icare® TONOVET Plus is the new generation tonometer for quick and easy veterinary IOP 

(intraocular pressure, eye pressure) measuring.


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Why Measure Eye Pressure?

There are 42 breeds of Canines that are more predisposed than others such as Labradors, Shiba Inus, Akitas, Shih Tzus etc. Most eye issues start with redness and can develop into more serious eye problems. Too high or low pressure are indicators of serious eye disease. With the TonoVet Plus measurements can be taken painlessly and without anesthesia.

My Pet’s eyes seem OK. Should I still have my pet’s eye pressure checked?

Yes, whether the patient is young or old it is recommended to have eye pressure check annually as preventative care to detect any early stages of ocular disease or damage. Detecting early signs of any disease is more likely to have a better prognosis than those detected at a later stage. In younger patients having IOP (intraocular pressure) value gives us a baseline of what is normal for each patient.

How Does it Work?

A light weight probe gently taps the surface of the cornea quickly without triggering corneal reflex in majority of patients. Anesthesia is not necessary and multiple readings are taken.

What Happen if My Pet has a High Ocular Pressure?

Too high or too low pressure can be caused by a variety of serious ocular disease. Increased IOP, Glaucoma, is a common eye disease in dogs, cats and horses and usually causes irreversible blindness and painful. The most common signs noted by owners are:

  • Eye pain. Our pets may partially close and rub at the eye. He may turn away as you touch him or pet the side of his head.
  • A watery discharge from the eye
  • Lethargy, loss of appetite or even unresponsiveness.
  • Obvious physical swelling and bulging of the eyeball. The white of the eye (Sclera) looks red and engorged. The cornea or clear part of the eye may become cloudy or bluish in color.
  • Blindness can occur very quickly unless the increased IOP is reduced.


“Acute Glaucoma is an Emergency”

It is very important to reduce the IOP as quickly as possible

to reduce the risk of irreversible damage and blindness.


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